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黒執事詰め【ほぼグレル】 by 団栗


黒執事詰め【ほぼグレル】 by 団栗


 Kuroshitsuji Ch. 53: Ronald Knox 


Ronald Knox + Smiles

Swing To Your Thing


"It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing
It don’t mean a thing all you got to do is sing
It makes no difference 
If it’s sweet or hot 
Just give that rhythm 
Everything you’ve got”
Ella Fitzgerald; It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) 

Hey all~! Drabble #3 from the lovely Maddy~ Go show her some love! (Her tumblr name is mythetic)
This one was brought about me listening to swing music (this to be exact), and I couldn’t help thinking of this lovely couple dancing to it! Enjoy~!

On AO3 

If there was one thing that William T. Spears was incapable of, it was dancing.
Dancing required such precise steps; such intense thought yet graceful demeanor. It was far different than using a scythe, that seemed more of a connection of his arm than anything else.
His feet, however, were not as well trained.
Having a partner whom enjoyed the art of ballroom dancing, swing dancing, tango, and any other sorts of bodily movement with a partner was a curse. He wanted to impress her more than anything else, but he would have to learn more than a simple one-two step to do so.

With their anniversary coming up in the next week, William had decided to attend a ball that was being hosted down at the local theatre. Masquerade was the theme of the night, leaving William to hide his embarrassed expression, hopefully. Being a man of order, he planned everything down onto the last detail, the last stitch of the dress he was giving her, the last sip of wine they’d be drinking. The day came faster than expected, for a long week of work drained them both past the point of enjoying each other recently. As it hit 7 o’clock, however, they were both free for the weekend, not held down by approaching death.

"It’s so beautiful…~"
Grell grinned from ear to ear as she pulled out the red, jeweled dress from the black box. Rubies ran along the collar and up the sleeves, and the back was left exposed, draping fabric falling down to her tailbone, and the dress itself ending past her ankles, sweeping across the floor with yet more jewels and white diamonds. William was quite talented at picking out her clothes; he did know every inch of her body, after all.
"Now, where will I wear this to, dear?"
"Well, if you put it on, I’ll take you there."

After dressing himself in a well tailored black suit, he led her out into the cool night, relishing in how her skin glistened in contrast to the red dress; in all honesty, he couldn’t wait to get her out of it.
Seeing Grell’s face as they stopped in front of the theater was one he would not forget. She looked so pleased with what he had done, and he was far too in love with her to not let that show.

As the night dragged on, they drank, ate, and talked with many of the people at the ball. It was all so extravagant and alluring, and he could tell Grell was in her rightful place. However, they both were far too caught up in their own little world to worry about joining the crowd, and instead allowed themselves to talk and kiss and just enjoy each other’s company.

William had a plan, however.

"Do you wish to dance, Grell?"

Looking up from her glass of wine, she only chuckled, placing a hand upon his thigh.

"Darling, I know you hate it. Don’t worry, I’m completely content if you just wish to stay here-"

"It’s a ball, Grell. If I didn’t want to dance, I wouldn’t have taken you here."

With widened eyes and a sudden impressed expression, Grell took the hand that William had offered her, following him off to the marble dance floor. A large band was at the head of the room, playing loudly and in the style of swing music. It was very different from what they were both used to; growing up in the Victorian era had taught them the waltz, not this upbeat, quick dance.

There was a first time for everything, however. Placing his hand on her hip, and his other intertwined with her own, he began following the steps that he was watching everyone else do. It was fast paced, it required skill, yet William was keeping up with the rest of the crowd.

Grell was talented; of course, and it didn’t take long for her to catch on to his movements. The trumpets played loudly, and the jazzy feel to the music was something that required no set steps; it was all just whatever the two were feeling.

"Oh William, have you been practicing?"

Squeezing her hip in a silent order to turn the opposite direction, they flowed with the music, dancing and twirling and laughing. It was so silly and chaotic, yet it complemented them both; they always have.

"Not practicing, no. I suppose it just comes naturally when I see you so happy."

This was so unlike his cold self, and Grell loved every second of it. She knew this wasn’t going to be an everyday thing, but William /was/ a romantic at heart, and that made all the difference.

Just as Grell opened her mouth to speak, William spun her around, and dipped her not far after, looking into her eyes.

She laughed as the band slowly drifted into the next song, one that was much slower and more like what they were used to.

Lips were placed upon lips, and they soon were enclosed back into their own little world. One of chaos, one of loud, erratic sound, and one with no set best or schedule.

However, just like swing music, it all seemed to work.

Mi Amore, Il Mio Odio


"Why do we feel such strong emotion,
Of complete care and pure devotion.
It seems to bring,just pain and fear,
Along with shame and then the tears.” 
-Spencer Castro; The Cycle 

Hello again! Another little drabble from my dearest friend Maddy~ She is such a beautiful writer my feels just can’t contain themselves! Enjoy~! 
(Also, the title is dedicated to her, since I decided to put it in Italian :3 <3 If anyone’s curious, it says, ‘My love, My hate’ ) 

On AO3

"Grell Sutcliff."
Ah, the way my name would drip from his tongue, reminding me of poison dripping from a glass syringe. 
"Yes, my love?"
Certainly, I couldn’t be in trouble again. Why, there was no reason to be fussing over a few dead bodies. 
That’s all they were, after all. Cages for souls that didn’t deserve even a glance from our kind. Humans were so boring, excluding the show they’d give in their last seconds of life~ 
Speaking of which… 
My eyes glanced over to the mangled mess of what used to be a woman, only distinguishable by her golden hair. Lips twitched upward into a smile, and I chuckled at the sheer mess I had created. Ah, how beautiful the blood was, splattered onto the cobblestone.
"You’re aware of the charges against you?"
I paused, looking up from the scene and into the eyes of my cold, emotionless supervisor. How he managed to stay so composed as I felt so ultimately out of control was far past what I could fathom.
"I do not care~"
His expression turned into one of slight anger, and I noticed the tensing of his muscles under his tailored suit. Anger wasn’t something I could deal with right now, especially in the state I was in. 
William’s eyes closed, and he pressed his thumb and forefinger onto the bridge of his nose, rubbing slightly.
"Do you expect me to represent you at the trial?"
Although I hadn’t thought about it, I knew that the charges against me were far past what I had dealt with before, and I was not ready to deal with death just yet. 
"No, Sutcliff. I will not. You have dug yourself into a hole deeper than I am willing to help you out of."
My chest ached, and I felt my eyes begin to water. Not now. He was not worth getting upset over. Gritting my teeth and looking back down to the blood which had begun to drain out into the Main Street, I let the knife fall from my hand. 
I had always preferred a blade, it was much easier to carve people up with. 
Now, however, it seemed painful to hold; painful to look at. 
"You can’t do this to me, William."
"What you have caused me is enough."
Gripping the fabric of my jacket, my eyes watered with an inflow of tears. It had set in that I was alone in this, and my own death was approaching.
How awful this all was; how unladylike. How dare I cry in front of him, I was not weak, I was not some damsel in distress. No, if I was going to die, he was going to die alongside me. 
Much contrasting to my previous display of emotion, I began to laugh. Menacing, insane laughter filled the street, I was soon grinning once more. William seemed concerned, but he had every right to be afraid. 
I was a monster; a beautiful crimson monster, at that. 
And he was going to discover how dangerous I really was. 
Within a matter of seconds, I had pinned the dark haired supervisor of my affections against the wall, the bricks cracking slightly behind him. 
Hearing his groan of pain only made me smile more. Yes, darling, hurt like you made my heart ache~

"What are you-"

And the knife made all the difference, plunging into his side to silence his protests as I held him against the wall. Suddenly, all the strength I had hidden for so long was evident, and I was going to take it out on the one I loved. 
His struggle only made my heart swell and my laugh sharpen. Where was my darling’s scythe? Out of reach? Unable to be teleported?~ How awful. 
Pulling the knife from his side with a sickening sound, I pressed the blade against his neck, giving him a peck on the cheek. My lipstick seemed to match the color dotting his suit. How fitting. 
His voice seemed so calmed at that moment, yet his eyes were wide in fear. Fear of my actions, fear of what I was capable of, fear of who I had become. 
This was going to do nothing for me. I had delved too deep into my past ways. 
William opened his mouth to speak again, his arms pressing against mine in another silent plea.
I blinked a few times, looking at the man across from me. The man who had been by my side for the duration of my career, who had kept me sane, and at times, furthered my insanity. 
I loved him. 
I loved the way his blood splattered against the wall behind him.
I loved the contrast of crimson against the pale skin of his neck. 
I loved the pained scream as I sliced against his vein; ending the torturous ideal that I would never be good enough for him. 
I loved him.
I loved him. 
I loved him. 
I hated myself.

The Violent Delights - Drabble!


It’s been two long weeks since seeing each other, and both William and Grell can feel the missing presence in their lives. What words will be said when they are reunited once again? 

Hi all! It’s been a long time~ This is just a little drabble Maddy wrote up for me the other day (isn’t she wonderful~?) involving our AU, and I just had to share! Enjoy my lovelies~ 

On AO3

Business trips were particularly stressful for both parties involved. Spending weeks at a time apart, busy, and unable to contact one another was similar to torture itself. For one, it was a trip filled with meetings, conferences, and paperwork. For the other, however, it was her own separate trip, one that was focused on loneliness and the sheer fact that she was unable to talk to the only man who seemed to give a damn about her.

Although, she still wasn’t sure if she loved the man himself or the attention he gave her. What started off as a simple one night stand seemed to escalate to the point where they could not keep their hands off of each other; whether she hated him or not. Sometimes, she felt as if he was the bane of her existence, but other times, he seemed to be the only one she wanted to spend time with.

It was quite the dilemma for Miss Grell Sutcliff.

While she still was comfortable working at the strip club, they had made a silent agreement not to sleep with anyone else during their “somewhat” relationship. Grell was fiery, passionate, and seemed to not hold on to one man for too long. However, William was someone who she would not dare want to see with anyone else.

She craved his attention, and he craved hers.

Being the only steady female sexual partner he had at the moment, he allowed her to stay at his place whilst he was gone. He felt more at ease while she stayed in his flat, although he trusted Alan enough at this point to keep her safe. It was no secret that they were affectionate towards each other now, and that could spell trouble for them both.

It was nearing midnight late in October as William got to the airport in Paris, awaiting the flight that would bring him home to his redhead. He was absolutely in love with her, and although he felt as if she was still a bit apprehensive about being in a relationship again, she trusted him enough to stay with him nearly 24/7. For that reason, he pulled out his phone, finally having a chance to contact her and check if she was doing fine without him.

Curled up in a white wool blanket upon William’s lush leather couch, Grell was blindly watching some reality show, rubbing at her eyes. She wanted to wait for him, merely because it had been two weeks since she had last smelled his pine and ink cologne. Two weeks since she had kissed his firm, warm lips and ran her hands over his cool skin. She missed him dearly, as much as she didn’t want to admit it.

Staying in between William’s place and Alan’s was tiresome, but it was a nice getaway from the normal busy strip club. Getting away from the hungry eyes of dirty men was something she cherished, and not having to fuck someone in the back of a van was a blessing. William cared for her in more ways than one; feeding her, paying for her clothes, driving her places. Sex wasn’t the only thing that mattered in their somewhat relationship. They both seemed to understand one another, as different parts of the spectrum as they may be.

Just as she felt healed dozing off, the house phone rang. Normally, she let it go to voicemail, for the calls were never for her. However, she recognised the number, and immediately sat up, grabbing the phone next to the couch and answering it with extreme enthusiasm.


"Hello, Grell. Are you alright?"

"Tired, but okay. Are you on your way home?"

"I’m in the terminal. I’ll be home in a few hours. Go to sleep, I don’t want you waiting for me."

"But I haven’t seen you in years.."

"Quite the exaggeration. I’ll see you in the morning. How was work?"

She chuckled. Even from Paris, she could see the jealous expression on his face.

"Fine~ Don’t worry, I’ll be giving someone a private show when they return."

"Unlikely. I’m exhausted, Grell. I’d prefer it if you’d go to sleep. Tomorrow, I’m going to a meeting in East London around 10, but the rest of the day is ours. How does a shopping trip sound?"

Smiling, she ran a hand through her hair. Always so good to her, he was.

"I suppose it’s a date. I’ll see you in the morning, or perhaps tonight."

"Alright. Sleep well."

"I love you."

He paused, clearing his throat and trying to keep his composure. How long he had waited to hear those words, he would never know.

"I love you, too."


3:00 AM was when William T. Spears finally arrived back in London. After parking his car and taking the elevator to the penthouse, he was greeted by a sleeping tuft of red upon his couch. Setting his suitcase in the hall, he walked over to the small, curled up woman, his shoes clicking against the floor as he did so. Bending down slightly, he moved her hair out of her eyes, pressing his lips to her forehead as if to not wake her. She was warm, he noted.

Against what he had been hoping, two green pupils looked up at him not soon after, blinking away sleep before opening fully. She paused for a moment, registering who exactly was so close to her before she grinned, sitting up and wrapping her arms around his built frame. Despite her looks, Grell was rather strong. Strong enough to pull him down upon the couch next to her, that is.

Before a word could leave his lips, she had already planted her own upon his, her eyes shut tight in relief. He was finally here with her, and she felt as if she could breathe again.

William had not objected to the passionate kiss, his own hand pressed against the curve of her back to pull her closer to him. She was his poison, his drug, and she would fulfil his need more than anyone else had ever done. He tasted the familiar hint of cherry upon her lips, and everything fell back into place.

Grell was the first to break the kiss, which came to a surprise to William. Normally, she was the one to get carried away in their throws of passionate; he was the one to keep composure.

"I missed you."

She pressed her forehead against his shoulder, her nails digging into the fabric of his suit. Never before was she so attached to someone; never before did she need someone’s presence so badly. Throughout her life, she prided herself on being the strong, independent woman. However, William proved her wrong. She needed him to keep her sane.

"And, I, you."

He answered, his fingers running through her crimson locks. William, on the other hand, had prided himself on being emotionless, and strong willed. Grell balanced him out, and kept him calm when need be.

Without each other, they surely could not survive. Although they could both hold their own, they needed saving from themselves.

"You said you loved me on the phone."

William spoke his concern, hoping that it merely wasn’t just a slip of the tongue.

"I did."

"And you meant it?"

She paused, then smiled, letting out a giggle. It wasn’t difficult to tell that he was nervous; afraid of what she may say.

"Darling, if I didn’t mean it, you wouldn’t be on top of me."

And with that, he kissed her again, fully submitting to the fact that he loved her unconditionally. As crazy and threatening as she may be, she pulled him under, and he didn’t mind not breathing so much after all.


The fact that the Cantonese dub actually got two middle-aged voices for Wendy and Peter in BoC is so over-the-top I consider it a genius move.



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Well if Toboso-sensei tweeted this then there is no reason I don’t post it here. (x)

Also I will forever blog this pic I don’t care.

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