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William could wear a plastic bag and still look damn sexy…this man has the ultimate sexyness that makes him immune to all kind of clothing failure embarassments. He’s perfect and Grell knows it.



For all I know, Ronald probably has nothing to do with it but Grell just needs a punching bag when she’s pissed.


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FINALLY!!! Look at these adorable people!

And three days into rehearsal, they finally read the script and went over the songs!

My two cents about Yana Toboso and Grell



I know this has been said before and probably better than I will, but still.

I’ve heard many things concerning Grell’s gender. But, by far, the most confusing is that I see so many people implying/outright accusing Yana Toboso of being transphobic and mistreating Grell, and I believe this needs to be addressed. 

Grell was created by Yana Toboso. Every little part that make Grell who they are, was conceived, researched, developed and fully understood by Yana.

There’s no one that knows Grell better than her. No one. We can perceive a character differently (that’s only expected when someone’s work gets introduced to the public and to different mind sets), but the true nature of a character is deeply routed in their creator.

Could Yana Toboso be a transphob in real life? I have to idea, she could be, I’ve never met her. If she truly was a transphobic person though, would she give life to a character like Grell?

You’ll say that maybe she’s not transphobic, simply ignorant and misinformed.

Which brings me to the next part. Through out the thouroughly, extremely researched manga that Yana Toboso has created, is there any doubt left, that she will study every single historical detail, in order to make her work as correct as possible? To the extreme? We are talking about the person that as suutsu-supiazu kindly pointed out, has studied the different furniture arrangements in Victorian England, and how they change during the seasons, or what do you do with an empty fireplace during the summer. Shops that appears only once, in a small panel are based on real shops of that period.

Do you truly believe that she wouldn’t have researched homosexuality and gender issues, during that period? Really? 

I don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with perceiving Grell as a trans woman. Nothing at all.  But you must also have a greater understanding of Grell’s probable character development and the stereotypes of homosexuality in Victorian England. Or the way Grell speaks, which is a way that flamboyant, gay men talk in Japan. Or the occasional (?) next to “woman”, in some places. Or the times that Grell has referred to themselves as man/boy(both in the manga and the anime). Grell is not our contemporary. We should not forget that. Grell is person born in the late 1700s and living in the 19th century in England. They’re molded and acting according to their time.

I’m pointing out some of them for reference:

One-kotoba (The speech pattern that Grell uses consistently and is lost in the English translation)

Mollies (A somewhat equivalent of today’s okama personas)

This blog has many relative information

I could certainly see Grell as a transgender woman. The reason I have trouble doing so, is because I’ve witnessed the amount of careful research that Yana Toboso puts in her work. So, I wholeheartingly believe that all the traces and contradictions in Grell’s character are carefully thought, researched, and built, and are not a sign of ignorance and transphobia.

So, by all means, please stop berrating people about the way they adress Grell. Stop the hate and the harassment. Stop assuming that people need to be solely informed why Grell is trans, and instead let’s inform everyone, ourselves included, why Grell could very well be a trans woman or a homosexual/non-binary stereotype of Victorian England. 

Because both could be solid.

You can’t accuse people of being ignorant, when you don’t know, or choose to ignore basic elements of Grell’s character, that point to something other than trans* Because they are there. You can choose to let them go for your personal view of Grell, but you should stop trying to make other ignore them. 

This doesn’t address only to those who choose fem pronouns for Grell. It might came out this way, because the majority of hate is directed to those that use male pronouns. But this goes both ways. I’ve seen people berating others for using female pronouns for Grell, and that is equally unacceptable! And most of the times, horribly ignorant.

Be informed. Research. Don’t ignore the facts. Choose what feels good to you. Inform others. Let them choose for their own. 

Don’t let others put you down for it and don’t put others down. The fact that I was afraid to post this for days, says it all. I should have to.

On an ending note, Yana Toboso is a remarkable storyteller, with exceptional attention to detail. We should respect her for at least that.

I know many people will ignore this and will feel the need to “inform” me of how wrong all these are. So for the sake of clarity, I’ll repeat that “I wholeheartingly believe that all the traces and contradictions in Grell’s character are carefully thought, researched, and built, and are not a sign of ignorance and transphobia.”

This whole drama is really about people trying to force their opinion onto others (and being mean assholes), rather than really addressing the phobic issue. When you talk about Toboso-sensei, you are also talking about someone who would attend her gay friends’ civil union ceremony. I’m not saying that this definitely means she’s not transphobic, I just don’t think the apparently open-minded creator of Grell Sutcliff would create this beloved character to reinforce harmful stereotypes. Some damage may be done unintentionally due to culture barrier, but if she were really transphobic, trust me, Grell would look VERY different now.


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Oooh look the reapers all hiding at the back xD Takuya why u so shy u r the star of the show =w=

I don’t think I saw Akane Liv though. Hmm.

Unpopular opinion


Given the amount of exposure and discussion circulating for the past weeks, I have come to realize that William actually looks kinda good in that suit…




((The original art can be found here - 赤が似合う2人 by 朱海 - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))



((The original art can be found here - ojisan - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))


Titanic :3

After reaping all the souls on that ship.